Combating the Dry Winter Season



I don’t know what it is that sets this winter apart from others, but it has been SO dry out lately.  I’ve never been into hand lotion, but Crabtree & Evelyne and I are besties at this point.  Nordstrom offers some of the best beauty products out there and these have been lifesavers for my skin so far this winter:

Kopari Coconut Melt:
One of my friends introduced me to this a couple weeks ago, and I was immediately hooked!  Before going to bed I rub it in between my hands to melt the oil, and use it wherever! I used to get hangnails all the time and ever since I started using this, my hang nails have gone away!  It’s really moisturizing and your skin will soak it all up!  I was worried at first that it would be greasy, but the oil disappears after a couple minutes!

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream
My sister got me this lotion for Christmas, and when I’m not using my coconut oil, I use this lotion.  Again, very hydrating and not greasy.

Herbivore Face Mist
Some people use this as a toner, but I prefer to spray this on my face throughout the day when it’s feeling dry, or if I need a pick me up.  It doesn’t mess with your makeup at all, and it gives you a subtle glow.  It’s so refreshing and the bottle is so pretty!

Vaseline Lip Therapy
Make sure you get the lip therapy and not the regular vaseline.  Regular vaseline is great for making a barrier– it prevents moisture from coming in or getting out.  The lip treatment is made for your lips and actually moisturizes them.  I rub a thick coating on my lips religiously every night before going to bed.  In the morning, it’s way easier to exfoliate my lips, and they’re very soft throughout the day.

I hope you love these products as much as I do!!!


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